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This is a collection of articles relating to Blues Poetry, the Poets and Poetry about the Blues and Blues Artists. We hope to add to the collection over time, so if you have any articles about Blues Poetry and would like to contribute, please email .

Here is our introduction to the collection:
Poetry and The Blues - by Christine White
"There are two words that are particularly difficult to define in the English language; 'poetry' and 'blues'. To attempt to classify these two together is even more difficult yet a large number of blues critics claim that blues lyrics are poetry. This paper proposes to examine the definitions of 'poetry' and 'blues' and to consider the extent to which it is justified to link the two".

The Blues and Jazz Poetry of Langston Hughes : A Personal Appreciation- by Ray Smith
"Langston Hughes’s first published poem, ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’, was in a 1921 issue of The Crisis magazine. This was to become one of his most famous poems, later appearing in Brownie’s Book and he included it in his first book of poetry, The Weary Blues in 1926".....
This personal appreciation of Langston Hughes' poetry is published in instalments......
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4

Bluesman - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
"He's just
Any old man" ....

In The Words Of Bluesman Jack - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
"From bar to bar
I play my life story" ...

The Blues And Me - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
"As I sit here
with my guitar" ...

The Blues - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
"The blues of my life
play through my mind" ...

The Weekend Blues Session - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
Three days and three nights
playing the guitar blues of life" ...

A Gibson Guitar - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
As I play the blues
on my Gibson guitar
" ...

Twelve Bar Lil - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
Sweet Lilly Larnie
plays the blues away" ...

The Rolling Blues - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
"The blues are rolling
like a train down the tracks" ...

A Lost And Lonely Boy - A Poem by Dave Alan Walker
A lost and lonely boy
with nothing but his dreams"

House of Blues - A Poem by Roger Dorey
"Stairway to heaven
Is a Saturday night"


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