Early Gospel Singers

This section is intended to provide the reader with an introduction into the wide scope of gospel music by providing biographical entries of early gospel singers. The entries are listed according to the initial letter of their surname (or the initial letter of the group name) and are catalogued in alphabetical order. The entries include gospel singers (including blues/vaudeville singers/songsters having sacred music in their repertoire), ‘jack-leg’ preachers and evangelists, church preachers, and prison singers.

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Each entry contains a suitable selection of:

1   The artist(s) name(s)

2   ‘Also known as’ (aka) / alternative or given names if appropriate

3    Location

4    Birth & Death dates and places

5    Biography Synopsis

6    Recording Career and Record Labels

7    Most popular song(s) – including links to videos

8    Musical Influences

9    References / links – including biographies, discographies, videos and further material

10  Images – including album covers and 78 vinyl record labels

Please Note:

As this is a continuously developing website, several entries only give the names with no biographical details as yet. Please be patient as these entries are included for completeness, indicating the details are ‘coming soon’ and will be added when time allows.

If there are any early (pre war) gospel singers missing from the lists that you think should be included, or there are any errors, please email the details to alan.white@earlygospel.com. Thank you in advance for your assistance.