Here are a selection of associated research projects, both (a) current and on-going and (b) possible / potential:

(A)  Current and On-Going Projects

‘Slave To The Blues’

This is a long-term project which seeks to focus on the secular roots of the Blues back in slavery times in the USA, highlighting the non-religious music of the African-American before 1865. For more information see the Research Section of

‘Slavery and The Underground Railroad’

The secret and illegal network that was neither ‘underground’ nor a ‘railroad’ that provided a means of freedom from the brutal systems and laws of slavery in the USA, focusing on the “conductors”, “stations”, “routes” “packages” and “passengers” of the network around the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

(B)  Possible / Potential Future Projects

‘Gospel Blues’

The blues based form of gospel music – a combination of blues guitar and evangelical lyrics.

‘Southern Gospel’

Sometimes called “quartet music” due to the original all male, tenor-lead-baritone-bass quartet makeup, this type of music depends on strong harmonies, often with very wide ranges.

‘Barbershop Music’

Barbershop quartets originated with African American men socializing in barbershops; they would harmonize while waiting their turn, vocalizing in spirituals, folk songs and popular songs.

‘Bluegrass Music’

A form of American roots music, with roots in English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish traditional music.


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